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Is looking at something and/or a situation in hindsight always more crispy clear? Hindsight has Psychological Studies, which obviously taps into our neurogenesis, that some speculate to believe are only true according to your own cognitive bias- called hindsight bias. (Reber et al., 2009)

I will be taking a dive into Developmental Psychology this term and plan to research hindsight along the way. Why hindsight you ask? Well I, myself, am a full-on believer that we can see a situation or circumstance more clearly in hindsight. As each day passes, we have the opportunity to help our brains mature a little better, gain a little more wisdom, and use the memory of said circumstance or situation to add value to our lives by way of hindsight. If we can get past the emotion that may have or still saturates the situation at hand and be genuinely honest as to what really unfolded that is.

To be continued-AprilG


Reber, A. S., Allen, R., & Reber, E. S. (2009). The Penguin dictionary of psychology (4th ed). Penguin books.

Image Credit: Creative on Unsplash

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