No Dead Space

Wrapping up 2022, this phrase is with me this morning. I am not usually one to set “New Years’ Resolutions,” but these words have weight and strength. Sometimes we find ourselves engulfed with things the world sells us. Living in a land of capitalism and being hypnotized by media outlets. Are they really outlets if they are trapping us in? Taking up the space that our very beings want to use to grow knowledge, art, and wisdom seeking.

I watched a wonderfully composed documentary last night. The amazingly creative and thought-provoking photojournalist Lauren Greenfield’s Generation Wealth takes our society into the spotlight. Mrs. Greenfield has done the leg work over a 25-year span reaching into the parts we would rather put away the mirrors for. I would suggest you check it out-

“I noticed no matter how much people had, they still wanted more.”

(Generation Wealth, n.d.)

I guess what this phrase “No Dead Space” may mean for me is to stop being afraid and held back. Bring those who can come (because we know that we know not everyone can go where you are going). Everything and everyone else may have to fall to the wayside, which is okay. Pay homage to the old adage: Eat, Drink, and be Merry. Take teeny baby steps with one foot in front of the other if you have to, but bring your true self out and be genuine. The world needs that you!

Happy New Year’s Eve, People!


Generation Wealth. (n.d.). Retrieved December 31, 2022, from


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