Digital Technology

“knowledge can be expressed in categories, and the categories are shaped based on the knowledge that the person possesses.”

Kuzio, A., Wawrzak-Chodaczek, M., & Kowal, J. (2015). Communication and Information Technology in Society. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.-


Moving along in the course COMO 225 (Communicating Professional Identity & ePortfolios) we approach a perfect opportunity to put our 21st-century communication skill set of manipulating digital technology to work. This assignment is to create Version 1 of our career portfolio through an online medium platform. Although this assignment also allows for personal and thinking skills by way of design details, initiative, and decision making; it is obvious that having experience with digital technology paves the way.


To successfully complete this task, I had to tap into some previous experience using the platform I chose (WordPress) to work with and also my ability to take in and learn some new editing tricks along the way.  First, I knew the main priority would be to take initiative by way of my professor’s feedback to re-create my resume. I also organized what I would house within this first version as far as what pages I knew I needed to create.  Then, I would get the resume transformed into a couple of different file types and create elements that I would utilize for the project. These would be brand-building components such as the profile picture, logo, images, text, design layout, etc. These were a part of the decision-making behavior applied.  Next, it is time to demonstrate the digital technology skills by using and manipulating the software (WordPress) to house my vision and use those communication skills such as creative writing to make statements communicating who I am to potential employers.

After that, the process to edit everything comes into play. Just like our portfolios, the ever-evolving, ongoing changes start from the beginning.  Finally, once I have made two or three edits, I arrive at a place where I am happy with the work and the design, so I upload the assignment for grading.


Ultimately, this has been one of the most satisfying assignments of my educational journey with ACU to date. This is a real-time experience with valuable benefits helping guide us on our career path which is priceless. This experience has taught me that I am able to infuse the structured educational factors with my creative attributes, which is exactly what I am looking to do with my career on a larger scale. This experience is also confirmation that taking the initiative to put in the extra work for something you care about pays off. A perfect example of this was re-modeling my resume for the assignment. I feel much better about how it turned out than it was prior to the assignment.  Digital Technology isn’t going anywhere and the ways we can use it in our career paths in the future are bountiful. In my opinion, anytime we can learn a new way of digital technology…we should do it. Digital Technology is constantly evolving and there is always something innovative and/or cutting edge around the corner. Never stop learning digital technology.