Critical Thinking Skills

The basic activities in critical thinking are investigation, interpretation, and judgment, in that order.”

-Ruggiero, V. R. (2012). Beyond Feelings A Guide to Critical Thinking (NINTH EDITION). McGraw-Hill.

Consider all angles!
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During Week One of our Communicating Professional Identity & E-Portfolios course with ACU, we were to create a screencast based on various personal assessments and then present our work virtually. Using an array of Professional Skills and Behaviors which I will explain through this STAR Reflection, I was able to complete the week one assignment.


To successfully complete this task, I utilized detail-orientation, communication, and thinking skills. First, using detail orientation, I read through all the required reading material, took the assessments needed, and the assignment overview made hand-written notes for better absorption. Then, once that was complete, I went on to make my own notes about what was needed for each slide in the screencast in its presentation order. Next, was decision-making behavior, I decided what content would be appropriate for the slides and how much of the content I would include in each slide as lengthy text is not needed in a screencast presentation. Critical thinking comes into play for the last two slides as we are to support claims of times in our lives in which we used actual functioning skills in a working environment. It was within these slides that I was also able to share a time when I used quantitative reasoning through one of those detailed descriptions mentioning the “monstrosity of a spreadsheet” for my current job.

After that, it was time to consider a design platform that would allow for communication skills to enter stage left. Using digital technology, I was able to employ software as a service platform that housed all the creative elements I wanted to use, and then I just moved it all into a PowerPoint presentation so I could record the audio. Finally, I used my written communication abilities to make a prompt sheet for each slide with a small description to keep the verbal authentic and on point. Through oral communication, I was able to present the content clearly and effectively finishing the assignment strong.


Overall, my actions towards this assignment proved to be effective and I made a good grade. The takeaway for me is the enlightenment of strengths and professional skills which I currently already have, the ones that need work, and the ones I wish to obtain going forward. In the future, I will continue to use and expound on critical thinking skills in the workplace environment and my personal life. Using these skills allows us to be creative, reflective, and adaptable. Critical Thinking is a tool we can use to achieve our very own points of view through investigation, interpretation, and a final judgment of a matter. (Ruggiero, 2012)